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A Trusted Partner

In order to move your business or organization forward, sometimes you need a trusted partner with experience who can walk with you as you grow. We’ve helped businesses & organizations innovate for nearly twenty years.

We work with a limited number of consulting clients at a time in order to provide the maximum service to those we are help. We spend time with you and your team discovering the core areas of innovation that are untapped or under resourced, and then we walk beside you until we accomplish them together.

Some Ways We've Helped Others

  • We crafted a new online technology platform to help an events company extend the impact of their brand beyond a ‘moment in time’ and build a community in the process.
  • We directed the digital media launch of an innovative product line for a nationwide organization to serve a felt need and to increase their relevance with their audience.
  • We built an online web application for a leadership company to streamline their internal processes, increase margins, and help drive $25+ million in revenue.
  • We acted as an innovation advisor for a world renowned author in helping streamline & consolidate his digital offerings.

What They Say

"I had the opportunity to participate in one of GiANT's programs which Chris led. It was life transformational! The way he was able to speak, communicate clearly and effectively really helped me and my personal development. He helped me become a better communicator and leader for our entire staff. Information presented was clear and concise, to the point, and very applicable to being a business owner and being able to be in a position of influence. I would highly recommend him and any of GiANT's programs to anybody looking to develop themselves personally or professionally."

Casey Cavell

Founder, Legacy 4:12

“I spent a full year working with Chris during my XCore experience. Chris is very caring, insightful and experienced in mentoring and leading individuals and groups in understanding dynamics, corporate culture and personal interface. Chris was extremely critical in helping me further develop my leadership skills as President of a 200 plus person design and engineering firm. Chris was a great listener and was able to help me navigate the issues facing leaders today and helped me apply the foundational concepts of the “know yourself to lead yourself “ approach to leadership. I highly recommend Chris.”

George Stanziale, Jr

President, Director of Design, STEWART

“Ridiculously efficient and incredibly smart is what comes to mind when I think about Chris. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for almost 10 years where I worked alongside him at GiANT and am currently one of his coaching clients. I’m consistently impressed with Chris’ natural ability to juggle multiple projects, while he effortlessly coaches and trains executives and their teams to the next level. He has helped me tremendously with being more self-aware of my natural wiring, how to work in those strengths and recognize areas for improvement. If you or your teams are looking for a healthy culture and that competitive advantage, Chris is your man."

Aaron Foster

Owner, Aaron Foster Consulting, LLC

"Chris’s patience, insight, and people acumen stand out and allow his team members to grow individually and collectively. Chris allowed me to lay out my career and personal situation, and he helped me build it back in a constructive way with a plan for success in the future. My time with GiANT and with Chris is the best investment I’ve made in my life personally. I attribute a large part of this to the curriculum and the tools that Chris and the team have developed, and to the guidance and mentoring that Chris provided."

Cathy Lipop

Customer Engagement Director, Verint

"Chris not only took me and a co-hort group through a year-long CORE leadership development process, he also equipped me to do the same with my team. Chris is truly a developer of leaders who are developing other leaders. If you have an opportunity to have Chris come train your team, take you through a CORE group process, or retreats, do it right away ... for your sake and for the sake of your team and organization."

Craig Webb

Asst Executive Director, Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention

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